#2135374, By bainbrge 15 Royal Navy Personnel Captured by Iran

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    Khanivor wrote:

    No doubt if the Iranians had tried to pull this stunt with American soldiers there would have been much shooting and a deeper international incident. It's precisely because the Iranians know this they wouldn't dare try it on with the yanks. If Britain had more backbone and a military not run on a shoe-string then maybe Iran would have the same respect for them and this incident, nor the last one, would have ever occurred. Iran would have had to make itself content with arming insurgents and extending its influence that way.

    This is precisely the reason why I admire our attitude towards such things. Its the same as the feeling of pride I get when an American asks with incredulity "you mean your cops don't carry guns???"

    As far as I am concerned, a minor embarrassment over 15 soldiers being temporarily imprisoned is much, much better than a shooting war with another country in the middle east. The current situation will blow over in a couple of weeks (or slightly longer if the Americans continue to hold those Iranian prisoners), and nothing will have changed except the ruling parties in Iran will have made themselves look slightly more foolish.
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