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    Does anyone here have any experiences with DL-Phenylalanine or 5 HTP? Taking either one or taking both together? I am considering taking 5 HTP to help me set a normal sleeping pattern (I struggle to sleep a lot, can't wake up early as my natural cicadian rhythm seems to be wake up at lunch time but I have a new job that requires some 6am starts) but I have read as it increases Serotonin levels it's recommended to also take DLPA to balance out Dopamine levels with the changed Serotonin.

    I doubt many of you reading this are doctors so you may be hesitant to give advice about this over the internet to a stranger but I would welcome hearing about any experiences anyone has had taking it/them.

    I've also read about the potential long term damage (serotonin imbalance and heart valve damage) from taking 5 HTP over a long period so I'd definitely be careful with that if I were to take it. Not high doses and cycle on/off rather than taking it every day without fail.

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