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    Been getting a few more of the details tonight. He really did go off the reservation. Was telling everyone that his missus was actually going crazy. Fair play, she did an amazing job getting him back to the UK, especially as apparently he packed three huge bags with things like all of his shoes, some pans, a toaster etc...

    Amazing how many people ended up being involved in some way or another. Local restaurant in Spain, security staff in the Spanish airport, Ryanair staff in the air and at the destination, four police officers, two doctors, three mental health specialists... and then of course all of the people at the unit where he is now.

    Fake edit - Apparently one of the police officers made him a bacon butty as he wouldn't trust anyone else to give him food. He then refused to eat it, but wouldn't get in the ambulance without it. He also refused to walk to the ambulance, so they had to carry him.

    Brain is a scary fucking thing.
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