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    AHiFi wrote:
    Hey there. Just need somewhere to post. I've been battling depression for about five years and I've been unhappy for the majority of my life. Today, is the worst though. I have a Uni essay due in tomorrow which I haven't even started, my girlfriend wants us to be friends (it's because of me being depressed/bipolar) - but she is visiting me tomorrow, so I hope I can talk her out of it somehow and a phone call to my Mum didn't help. She told me I wasn't trying hard enough at University instead of telling me that everything's gonna be okay.

    I was close to cutting my wrists today and wanted to od on paracetamol and die like the dog I am. Did neither, wish I had though. I've been crying for about 6 hours straight now. Waited on my girlfriend to phone all day and I got four minutes off her. I'm so sad; I'm lost.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has a bad day too?

    EDIT: At 20, I'm certainly not old. But I'm so lonely on this Earth.

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    Dude only read your post here, but sure there's loads of good advice from others.

    My tip, I've had some bad times throughout my life too. The best advice I could give is do what inspires you most. Don't dwell on negatives.

    For me I like travelling, plan something to look forward to and experience things from a totally new culture. The world is too fascinating not to explore. You have to overcome difficulties regardless how difficult it is to find immediate support. Things will get better. If I chose to dwell on negatives then tomorrow I'll be equally pissed off/unhappy. If I chose to ignore the negatives/learn from them then that's progress and achievement. That's important to recognise as it in turn leads to self belief and a feeling of pride. Set some long term and short terms goals, they're all good.

    Get that back in your life and you can overcome bad times. Life is full of ups and downs, but they're never spread out evenly so keep fighting for the good times!
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