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    Good luck sirtacos, I went to my GP over two years ago and was prescribed an SSRI, so far so good they have really helped.
    Also asked for some kind of therapy and was referred to the hospital for CBT initial interview ... the referral kept getting lost... so I kept following it up and eventually have the referral, 'mmm' they say 'we think you would benefit more from psychotherapy'.
    After not hearing from the psychotherapy dept for weeks I chase up and guess what 'my paperwork has been lost'.. again.
    A year after initially going to my GP got an interview with a psychotherapist after my GP intervened because the CBT department couldn't sort out its shit , was advised that I needed one on one therapy with an experienced psychologist, and until then he would see me every few months to see how I was doing, there being such a queue.
    Today had my three monthly hour session and was told I'm fourth in the queue, three months ago I was fifth.
    Also told him I was moving home and out of the area, so I have to start queuing all over again.
    So I am quite functional and have chased up all the time to try and make this happen.
    Fuck I asked for help and wasted two years, anyway basically told him that he was a tea drinking guardian reader and thanks for nothing... which was ah.. therapeutic.
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