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    Here's my personal timeline:

    Worked in a basement in a stressful film job for 8 years
    Became depressed in that job
    Got into EVE online (it may as well have been alcohol, or crack)
    Performance dipped further at job due to 24/7 thinking about EVE as my escapism
    Jacked in Job
    Moved back to parents (I was 30 at the time)
    Took the first job I could find (that would allow me to continue my EVE habit)
    Began working from home (web design) to supplement my income
    Began to get busy
    Began to get a sense of ambition and self-worth back into my life
    Found less and less time to play EVE / wasn't as compelled to play it anymore
    Went on eHarmony and met an amazing woman
    Got engaged, and will be married in september 2012
    Emigrating to Australia in the summer

    I guess the thing I learned personally through my experience of depression, was that as I got depressed I looked for a means of escapism - anything to conceal my miserable existence from myself for as long as I could. Just so happens that I got into MMO's (specifically EVE) when it could just as easily have been drugs or alcohol.

    Looking back I wish that I hadn't succumbed to temptation and that I had had the balls to fight for what I wanted in life rather than just let depression take over me and push me into that state of mind.

    Things have worked out for me now, but it was a good 5 years of my life wasted as I went through the process, and I hope that I never go to that place again! (although sometimes it's tempting to slide back into old habits if theres a rocky patch)
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