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    Hello, hope you dont mind me chiming in here.

    Something that may be worth considering is that the depression may be due to other issues?

    I've suffered from depression from my teens and Ive been treated for it from I was 18. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was 21, which partially explained my depression - AS is a form if autism, which includes an impaired ability to read/respond appropriately to body language, obsessive interests, rigid routines, etc. It generally leads to feeling different, loneliness, bullying, etc which can make you depressed.

    At uni I had severe anxiety issues which caused me to leave in my final year, despite averaging a 1st, etc. In March last year I was diagnosed with ADHD, which explained the anxiety I'd been experiencing. I noticed a massive improvement from the medication - clearer thoughts, felt like I could actually do things without it taking so much effort, inner calm, etc.

    Interestingly, depression in people with ADHD creates additional problems because the SSRI's can actually make ADHD worse. They raise serotonin, which lowers dopamine (why people tend to feel emotionally blunted on ssri's) - since dopamine is already low in ADHD it makes the symptoms worse. People's with undiagnosed ADHD can enter a vicious cycle because if this - they're given ssri for depression, which makes ADHD worse, making them even more depressed. The doctor thinks its not working and raises the dose/switches ssri, making it even worse.

    Anyway, I'm not saying you all have AS or ADHD. But I just thought it might be worth considering that there may be something else?
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