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    area881 wrote:
    wblastyn, how do you get diagnosed for ADHD? I think I might have a mild form of it. What medicaiton do you take? Adderall?
    Well you usually have to be referred to a pscyhiatrist who specialises in adult ADHD. But I'm from Northern Ireland and no one here actually specialises in it, so I had to see a private psychiatrist in London. It cost 500 but it was worth it. You should be able to see a psych on the NHS if you live in England/Scotland/Wales though.

    I take methylphenidate 3 times per day. You can get slow release versions that last all day, but I didn't find them as good.

    Adderall isn't actually available in the UK (or Europe AFAIK). The closest is Dexedrine, which makes up 75% of Adderall. I didn't find it as helpful though.
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