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    /In the luxury penthouse of the Rose Building a handsome young man and a group of beautiful young ladies are busy enjoying themselves with drinks and stimulating conversation.

    “And basically that is how The Mighty Rose saved the Olympics from being a complete disaster.” Said the young man with a twinkle in his eye. The young man was known as Tim Rose, aka The Mighty Rose, yes, THE Mighty Rose!

    “Oh Mighty Rose you are da greatest dahling.” Said a pretty blonde German girl known as Elena as the other girls nodded and laughed clearly taken with their host.

    Just then The Mighty Rose’s underpants began to vibrate and the girls all used it as an excuse to stare at his lunchbox once more.

    “Master Rose are you there sir?” A prim and proper voice spoke out from the underpants.

    “My God those underpants can speak!” A pretty young brunette said pointing incredulously at Tim Rose’s legendary undergarments.

    The Mighty Rose smiled at the girl and then reaching down he pressed a small hidden button on the underpants and said:

    “Jenkins unless you have managed to find those silk bonds and the the whipped cream after all then I told you I did not want to be disturbed. What gives?” The Mighty Rose said with clear irritation in his voice.

    “Oh I am terribly sorry Master Rose but something has come up and I thought you should know about it.” Said Jenkins, The Mighty Rose’s loyal butler, through the hidden speaker in the underpants.

    The Mighty Rose reluctantly moved away from the group of young babes and walked across his massive room giving the girls a chance to get a good look at his incredible butt as he urged his butler to continue.

    “What’s going on Jenks?” Said Tim Rose as he gave the girls an obligatory Mighty Rose bum wiggle causing them to gasp.

    "It is Eurogamer sir. Someone has activated the secret keywords!” The butler said excitedly like a little kid who was told he could open a present on the night before Christmas.

    “Secret keywords?!” Tim Rose repeated but he already knew what it meant he was an intellectual after all. On Eurogamer the legend that is The Mighty Rose had created a secret way for his fans to get him to appear on the board when they needed him and now it seems someone had used that system.

    “Someone on EG mentioned Steve Guttenberg?” The Mighty Rose asked the voice in his underpants.

    “Indeed sir. Upon mentioning those keywords the signal was sent. It seems The Mighty Rose is needed once more!” The butler said.

    “Wait a minute there bro. Tim Rose has made 69 posts on EG. I was going to leave it like that and go down as a legend.” Said Tim Rose.

    “But Sir The Mighty Rose is about more than smutty innuendo besides you were already a legend long before you joined EG. Your fans need you.” The Butler said.

    “You’re right son. The Mighty Rose, yes, THE Mighty Rose could never abandon his fans. Ok Jenks fire up the bloomer. I’m going back to EG! Tim Rose needs to check in on the littlebigplanet vita thread anyways.” Said the babe magnet extraordinaire as he turned back to the babes.

    “Sorry girls looks like The Mighty Rose has to leave this party early. Please feel free to stay here and enjoy yourselves.”

    “Oh dahling no you can’t leave us. Who vill get to play with my big boobies now?” Said Elena as she playfully shook her mammaries at Tim Rose.

    “Jenks make sure the girls are looked after until The Mighty Rose gets back.” Tim Rose said as he reluctantly left the girls and headed up to his state of the art aircraft on the roof, the legendary flying machine known as The Bloomer.

    “Hang on guys The Mighty Rose is on his way!”

    Many hours later…………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………/


    The Mighty Rose is here!

    Eh? A thread about depression?


    Truth is Tim Rose has suffered from it on and off over the years and although some of the advice offered thus far has been excellent sometimes nothing can shift that horrible empty feeling that overcomes you and you just need to try and find a way to cope with it.

    It can rob you of all your energy and passion and simple things such as eating, sleeping and going out become a real struggle. For Tim Rose sometimes it can last days or even weeks and he has to remove himself from social gatherings when he is like this much to the chagrain of his fans.
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