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    Most of our troubles are passing things that are not as big as they look, and we are strong enough to get over them and move on.

    The trouble with depression is that when you get swamped by lows, you naturally find it hard to get out of them. You withdraw from life, everything becomes insurmountable.

    It's like trying to get out of water at the deep end - it's hard to get out if you don't have the energy to pull yourself up. You should be able to get out - other people can, and you have done it before. But you are too weak for the effort.
    What you need to do is find the ladder out. One step at a time. It is there, it's just hard to see when you are focussed on how far you are from where you think you are.

    Rens11, do you think you are piling everything you have to do into one huge demon? Maybe try breaking it down into smaller tasks, focus on one at a time? The sleep stuff you mention is fairly classic forced avoidance procrastination stuff ;)

    It's normal to be down sometimes, and worry about new challenges (and old ones). Like the book says: feel the fear (and do it anyway). Not trying is an automatic total fail - better to try and then fail - maybe you might surprise yourself.

    All the best to anyone struggling.

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