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    I can't believe I'm agreeing with Deckard, but having something to do does wonders for one's well-being.

    I took a 3-year-long holiday recently and it's messed me up in way I couldn't have imagined. Apart from the obvious "I'm so well off I don't need to work any more", doing nothing is just harmful.

    I started a new business last year and, even though it's not going even remotely as well as I'd like it to, the day-to-day running of it has straightened me out no end. I can't imagine going back to working for somebody else, but just having to get up in the morning (and REALLY appreciating the days I don't have to) and knowing it all hinges on what I get and don't get to do during the day, is making me want to live again.

    I'm not depressed, though. No, no. Me? Never.
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