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    darkmorgado wrote:
    dominalien wrote:
    "Impolite" is one way of putting it. "They don't care, so why bother" is probably closer to the truth. I don't know about your society, but in mine, it's getting closer and closer to the American way of telling what you really think only to your therapist, because at least they're getting paid to listen to your bullshit.

    And by "your" I mean mine and everyone else's.
    I think you're replying to a pm there, but yeah, i know what you mean.

    It might be part of the whole "stiff upper lip" english thing maybe.
    I actually wasn't. :-) That took a bit more thought than the random stuff I post out in the open.

    I just generally find people tend to care not at all about other peoples' problems, since they generally have so many of their own.

    Edit: proof-reading ftw. "Generally" is such a beautiful word.

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