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    People who endlessly go on about how awesome they are and how well things are going are probably doing it because they're compensating for their own anxieties and insecurities. It's nothing to do with you, really.

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    This may have just be unique to my particular social circle in the UK, but the reason I didn't like talking things over with my mates when I was in a funk is that it usually became a competition of "who has the worst problems?". It was almost like Top Trumps, Clinical Depression beats Anxiety by three points, prescription for Zoloft trumps Prozac, etc.
    Yeah, another reason why I avoid it. It gets into this almost weird competition of "who has the worst problems". Which never turns out well.
    Which is kind of why I dislike this thread. There's a fine line between support and a self-reinforcing circlejerk.

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