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    I dont know what to do. I have been assessed by the Government because I am claiming ESA. I rely on ESA to be able to help with travel costs to see my councillor and a couple of friends that live a long way away. In the assesment I needed to score 15 points to qualify for ESA, I scored 0

    I scored 0 points because I turned up! No word of a lie.

    They even compiled a list of my questions, answers and their opinions (given its an assessment).

    Q. How do you find interacting with New people, face to face.
    My A. I find it difficult because I struggle to communicate as I can't relate to them and I feel anxious because I struggle with communication and making my self understood.

    Their opinion: I went through the assessment and spoke with the assessor without difficulty, zero point scored.

    Now I did find it difficult, I did struggle to make myself understood and this has been ignored. However the point they make is that because I was able to go through the assessment, I score zero points.

    Its a similar story for transport. Basically. How did I get to the assessment? I drove. Because I drove I have no issues with transportation, zero points scored.

    Its the same again, and again and again. Every comment is base on the fact that I turned up, and went through the assessment. If I had not turned up, then I would have had my support cancelled.

    There was no assessment, its a pre determined decision. I feel betrayed, confused and locked into a corner. I can't stop shaking at the moment. My councillor has told me to stop and not do anything for 24 hours so that I can get used to the desicion.

    I know that I can appeal but phoning the DWP is at least a 30min (if your very lucky) on hold phone call, most times it is about an hour on hold, and if that is not enough on its own then add that our BT landline is fucked (since 17th Dec) so the only way to phone in is using mobiles. How do I pay for the cost of that call?

    I can write in but I have written before and not heard any responce for weeks if not months. Even if the appeal process is heard, it can take months also.

    Fucking Tories. No thought of people who need help, un elected pricks.
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