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    night735 wrote:
    BuiltToLast wrote:
    Jill_1900 wrote:
    Hello owners of the mighty PLAYSTATION ... 3 i'm looking 4 players who play Little Big Planet ... yes thats what i said Little Big Planet if you have it add me Jill_1900 also Resident Evil 5 please add but only if you have the Golden Edition you can only play story mode so much that you deside i'm going 2 die on call of duty MW2
    I don't mean to be rude Jill_1900 but aren't you a bit old for games?
    Too old for games, are you serious lol. Us old peeps (I'm 36) grew up gaming. We MADE gaming!
    Im sure i read an article that said the average age of gamers is 40?
    I'm curious how people seem to think I'm even aware of Jill_1900's age?
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