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    Mike P wrote:
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    crashVoodoo wrote:
    just done an invitational on nurbuglar with this old fashioned race car .. IN THE SNOW.

    how hard was that to corner with?

    That one is fun. The terror as you approach the first corner, not knowing what the thing will do, is splendid.

    That's one of the highlights so far for me - It was more like rally driving than track racing. I think I did it in 8m 3s in the end, including a proper spin.

    Aye, the invitationals are all pretty fun - like for instance the one with the jet-powered bike where you have to reach 200 in high speed kudos! Im really liking the new career mode, especially with the arcade on the side.
    Have you guys figured out the puzzle achievements yet, btw? The back to the future one is great - basically you have to drive the DeLorean at 88 mph or more while lightning strikes.
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