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    Darren wrote:
    WOPR wrote:Only thing that's annoying me so far is the fact they clearly didn't spend a single SECOND testing this on an SD TV. Race info hangs off the left, and lots of menu text is far smaller than it needs to be. Grrr.

    To be honest, the text is sometimes hard to read on a 32" HDTV. The bizarre (sorry) decision to use a red font surrounded by a white border is odd enough but it's made worst by the fact that it's also italicised, fine for the larger text but it renders some of the smaller stuff near hard to readable at times... unless you play on a 46"+ TV. The issue is compounded further by the scaling your HDTV does. I can just about read most of the text but it's harder than it need be.

    thats odd. im playing on a 27" hdtv through vga and i can recall having any problems with the text at all. if you can state any specific examples ill check when i get home, but apart from that you may need to screw around with some of your tv settings, or even have your eyes checked! ;)
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