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  • Gaiduku 13 Jan 2010 20:16:54 77 posts
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    To be fair i've yet to find any ISP that i like. I was with Tiscali last year and they were a joke. Internet speed rarely over a meg when we were paying for 8 and would often not work at all. I could use it for Xbox live but lag was to be expected.

    So this year i though i'll try Virgin Media because it looks quite fast. First of all the completely arsed up my order and send us a router and forgot the modem!! What sort of shitty company uses a modem and router separately nowadays?! Most companies just use a Hub right? Anyway after a stupid amount of being on hold i finally got the idiots to send me the modem and tbh its really not impressing me at all.

    It's slow and laggy and it takes ages to find a game on Modern Warfare 2. I have BT at my home away from uni and thats okay but i've still yet to find a great ISP in Britain.
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