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    So, the Wii-tard edition is dropping on June 22nd for $169.99.

    The so-called "Special Edition" bundle will include the game, drums, microphone and a wireless guitar. Standalone instruments will also be available for purchase on June 22nd. The Wii edition will feature 63 songs, including five unspecified "bonus" songs.

    Abridged Q&A (see link for full answers):
    Will the Wii version of Rock Band include the Rock Band Store, and downloadable tracks?
    LOL, no. The Wii's online capabilities and potential have yet to be fully realized, so we're keeping it offline for now.

    Will the Wii "bonus songs" be Wii-exclusive, or five songs included on the disc from the Rock Band DLC store?
    We'll announce the songs closer to launch. Stay tuned!

    Will the Wii version have missing or crippled features similar to the PS2 experience?
    Rock Band for the Wii will have functionality similar to the PS2 version.

    If there is character creation, will there be Mii support when creating your Rock Band character?
    LOL, no.

    Will Wii's Rock Band be compatible with Wii's Guitar Hero III guitar?
    Go ask Activision. They won't let us.

    Will each instrument need to be connected to a Wii Remote?

    Any changes to peripherals relative to the PS3/360 versions?
    Check out photo for white drums!

    Will the bundle include a powered USB hub, like the Xbox 360 release?

    Will Rock Band be widescreen, 480p compatible?
    Rock Band for Wii audio will be in stereo with Dolby Pro Logic II support at launch. [The game] will also be 480p compatible.
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