#2155614, By thiswayup Hi all! Introducing the great, ever so charming, astonishingly (sometimes) talented, overly exgeratt

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    hey peeps!

    I thought I'll say hi and introduce myself. I'm a semi-gamer after many a year gaming in arcades, SNES and PC. I own a DS and Wii plus a avid beat em up/Street fighter player. Wanna test me out?
    I am of 26 or so of years and in IT.

    I also help run DS meetup in london also, check us out http://dsmeetup.org.uk . We drink, play, banter plus eat pizza/kfc...yummy. But mainly we have a real larf! We also have a podcast http://dslondon.podbean.com/

    Peace out and look to the skies!

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