#2155733, By thiswayup Hi all! Introducing the great, ever so charming, astonishingly (sometimes) talented, overly exgeratt

  • thiswayup 6 Apr 2007 16:06:25 65 posts
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    @all antagonist - you boys wanna try and break me?

    Less talk and play - come to think of it, just like how I deal with ya mummas ;) She good on riding my joystick!

    @New york - FBI = Federation of Bloody Idiots? I am scared...

    @FluffyTucker - yea, me like little children. they are so sweet and cute...but I wouldnt be able to eat a whole one >:) joke for ya : whats the best thing about sleeping with 25 years olds? There's 20 of them ....HARK!

    @rest - yea, liking this place already. but really, please give me
    some decent matwerial to work with...HOW CAN I WORK UNDER THESE CONIDITIONS!!!!!
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