#2156965, By thiswayup Hi all! Introducing the great, ever so charming, astonishingly (sometimes) talented, overly exgeratt

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    Can you poeple leave my thread alone? Wank in ya own bath, screw your biblical/other archaeological refs and fuk yea, I'm in IT, cuz I'm not fulla shIT. innit.

    I like mumma jokes, its adolescent , its not clever and it is filled with unbased opions forming a semi-chatoic thought cycle that conveys freud-ish feeling...in other words you know you are milf lovers...dont lie :) Plus I bet some of you work in Woolies...I hate woolies, I find it hard to steal sweets these days from them ;)

    HOLD IT!
    PS I heard York likes ass wanking...with men. He kinda weird like that...I have unbased proof and idle rumour. I hear thats what the yanks generally do their investigation eg iraq. ahem.

    good night.
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