#2164686, By GrayFox Oh Great HD Telly Lords...I Summon Thee!

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    valli wrote:
    Au contraire, LG is a very decent brand.

    Sorry, it's just that my eyes bled when I saw my sis 5 month old 17'' LG monitor few years back. Just after few months there was a big dark (color alternating green/purple/yellow) burned spot on upper right row. I ask her how can she work with this, but she said that she doesn't care. It was massacre on the eyes. In comparsion, my 6 year 17'' still has flawless screen.

    She also bought LG TV which also lost it's visual 'quality' after a year somehow.

    Don't really want to throw shit on LG, most likely they have some decent stuff, but it's really simple - after I saw that stuff at my sis, I wouldn't buy LG even if someone threated me with a gun.

    /recalls that burned monitor
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