#2167183, By DeadLiving Sickest film you've ever seen?

  • DeadLiving 11 Apr 2007 13:57:45 59 posts
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    Madder Max wrote:
    I've asked on here twice now the name of this film.....but have forgotten the name again.

    Its japanese and about a woman who has a freeaky upbringing. In one scene she slices off her dads head with piano wire after he asked her to. O_o

    In another, she paralyses some bloke with an injection and sticks needles into all his parts whilst he can feel and is concious. She also lops the blokes foot off with piano wire.

    The blokes son then goes to the flat to meet his dad and finds him minus a foot, full of needles and the woman tries to inject him too.

    Anyone here know what its called?

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