#6757563, By Mordum Sickest film you've ever seen?

  • Mordum 24 Nov 2010 01:22:44 259 posts
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    I always value atmosphere above gore for that reason I'd recommend Ils, the french movie that may still be on iplayer right now; Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as its great, and Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer which I found to be pretty unsettling whilst also being really good.

    Not that I don't also love me some cheesy 1984 vipco style video nasties of course. But tone is where it's at.

    I couldn't agree more, I'll take The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Devils Backbone over any shock piece any day of the week.
    But I think this thread is concentrating on the 'visual' element of these 'sick' flicks, which is why gore heavy underground films have been cropping up. If we were to talk about films that are disturbing mainly due to their tone and whatnot, then I'd offer up the German flick 'Suicide'. Excellent film, and really quite unnerving.
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