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    Trebor2 wrote:
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    Trebor2 wrote:
    Is it worth holding out for the PS3 version of this game - was gonna grab the 360 one cos its 17 quid on play

    Well, it really depends on whether you think it's worth paying 39.99 for better graphics (on a bit better though), shorter loading times (a fair bit shorter too) and to play it on a nice quiet machine, rather than a noisy one.

    That's a very good point - maybe I'll just wait for the PS3 version to drop in price - they always do evenyually and I'm not in a rush.

    Having got oblivion on both my 360 and PS3, i can confirm the PS3 version is quite a lot sharper, brighter, and smoother... the loading times are up to half... and playing it on a quiet machine really makes a big difference.
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