#3169857, By Kitt-FDUK Everybody's Golf 5

  • Kitt-FDUK 30 Mar 2008 20:44:42 395 posts
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    Love the game, hate the online. I've been using my 360 chat function with mates while we play EG on the PS3. Now that's a sad state of affairs. Also I cannot believe that you don't take shots each. It's just stupid. You could still have a timer so that the other player couldn't take ages. Or... wait for it... the OPTION of a timer when you set up a game so you can choose. Why it can't just be like the versus mode I don't know but I feel really let down by it. I was so looking forward to it too.

    Offline it is of course EG perfection and everything I've always loved about the game. I'm also delighted to say I'm really liking the advanced shots system and as a staunch Bar System user of many years standing I'm really surprised that it's won me over. It's such a great balance between the old system and the overly fussy analogue system used in so many golf games these days.
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