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    I love this game...it is my CRACK! Time attack is my morning game to get my head into gear (goes nicely with my coffee)

    1 - after about level 4, try and identify 3/4 sets of lines before matching them up. The reason being is that you get a multiplier for doing a bunch of lines one after another without a pause.

    2 - start from the top and work down, so to make sure you dont lose you identified lines from above tip.

    3 - if you have 3 of those helper things (which show you where the lines are) constantly, USE ONE. You get one replenished after a set number of lines. So if you get to level 4 and havent used one, you might as use one as you probably get another one when you get to level 5/6.

    the six minute time attack, I once got 8,000,000+ ;)

    good luck and lord be on your zoo keeping soul...
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