#5372271, By striker Operation Flashpoint 2

  • striker 16 Oct 2009 16:32:01 2,605 posts
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    I'm only on the third mission, but I'm enjoying the game so far.

    I'm not finding it that much different to OFP single player, to be honest:
    -Smaller sense of scale (in terms of a true war campaign)
    -Harder to spot enemies (landscape complexity, foliage, etc)
    -Bigger sense of urgency (time limits)
    -The AI is a bit poor, but it wasn't that great on the original OFP either.

    Still a lot more enjoyable, considering my tastes, than COD4, for example.

    And I'd say the Campaign mission, extra missions, and Multiplayer, are not a bad deal for the price.
    Even if there's a new campaing being sold in 1 month time, can't see much of a problem with that.
    After all we knew more or less what we were getting in terms of content when we bought the game.
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