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    FWB wrote:
    OFP1 was groundbreaking and achieved alot. The whole island was yours to utilise and the entire game could be played as an RTS, as well as an FPS. Proper wargame.

    Perhaps that's why we have different opinions on the similarity between OFP and OFP2:

    -I never played it as an RTS. Actually, I hated having to play it as a commander. I just cared for the "part of a team" gameplay.

    -I never went around the island because I just never felt it was an appropriate thing to do.
    I mean, you're on a mission, who cares if there's an helicopter on the other side of the island that you could use to kill the 4 troops standing between you and your mission goal? :)

    -Multiplayer, that's a different thing altogether. I'm sure this doesn't achieve even half the brilliance of the first, for many reasons including player limit, no user made content, distance limits, etc.

    What I'm trying to say is that, considering the way I played the first game, Dragon Rising hasn't been that different a game ans has been, up to mission 3 (OK, maybe I should play a bit more to form an opinion, but time is short), a nice experience.
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