#2198868, By Rinoa Dirty robbing thieving scumbags...

  • Rinoa 21 Apr 2007 11:23:42 39 posts
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    You have my sympathies :( They're so cowardly to target a frail old lady... it's really disgusting what this country has become.

    I was burgled a few weeks ago, but luckily my boyfriend was at home at the time. He was in bed and they broke in around 9am (they waited until I'd gone to work) but he woke up and scared them off before they took too much. They took our laptop and MP3 players though, bleh. But the worst thing about it all is not feeling safe in your own home afterwards. The slightest noise and you get paranoid. I hope your Gran is able to get over this and recovers soon.

    If I knew who burgled us I'd quite happily pay someone to send the scum to hospital.
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