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    I'm honestly asking what's gone wrong. It had a record breaking launch over here, didn't it? Or is it doing badly worldwide overall?

    As successful as it, I don't think it's as successful as it could be, when you think of the PlayStation brand. The thing that went wrong is Blu-ray in my book. It's ahead of the market, and it's raised the PS3 price to incompetitve levels.

    The PlayStation team would of happily focused on destroying Xbox-Live, or spending more money on silicon, like the RAM and GPU. But the upper echelons wanted to leverage the PlayStation userbase to boost the rest of the company. Primarily with Blu-ray as the key villain here. I don't think Ken Kutaragi would of gone along with that.

    Overall what Sony have done might be the best thing for their business though, they see the bigger picture, it's not all about gaming.

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    given that blu ray is now smashing hd dvd in the face in terms of sales... they may have been right.

    I also think what david karraker said the other day holds true... in five years time when the PS3 is still on market, but MS are on yet another generation of xbox (early), no one will think the PS3 was over engineered.
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