#2221093, By Shinblade PlayStation 3 - 359.99 this weekend only

  • Shinblade 29 Apr 2007 13:57:34 345 posts
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    MrBiggles wrote:
    famous_roy wrote:
    Shinblade wrote:
    Timmy wrote:
    The original price was disgusting. This is still an insult.
    Anything over 280 is a joke.

    sorry but it's not our fault you can't afford it. quit moaning and get a job or something.

    *goes back to oblivion, ninja gaiden sigma, and god of war 2*

    God of War 2? Oblivion? So you can't get these on Ps2 and 360 repectively? dang!

    /goes back to playing God of War 2 on Ps2

    And Ninja Gaiden is on Xbox, he just owned himself listing games that can be found on other cheaper platforms.


    I never said anything about those games being exclusive, or even on PS3 at all.

    Not sure how i've been owned by you adding your assumptions of what I meant to my words.

    Anyway children, be off with you.
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