#2222561, By enzuigiri Motorstorm - Overrated?

  • enzuigiri 30 Apr 2007 10:51:40 3 posts
    Registered 11 years ago
    Speaking as someone who normally hates driving games I think Motorstorm is very good indeed.

    Agreed that the control is not as precise as it could be but the graphics are stunning for this type of game and really showcase the ps3.

    It should be remembered that this is the first game out and as such things can only get better - but WHAT a baseline!

    Look at the first games for the ps2 and compare them with the graphical standards of God of War 2 and FF XII. If that is how much improvement we can expect to see over the time with the PS3, it will dominate!

    As for Motorstorm, I like the game a lot but am saddened by the X tap cheaters and those who insist on going into newbie games online with God status .. but you get those morons everywhere.

    Look out for the mid may release of the Motorstorm update .. this should eliminate some issues.
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