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    thefilthandthefury wrote:
    Velocityraptor wrote:

    Its pretty good isn't it? Are you playing with a controller or Move? Played it the first time about 18 months ago with a controller.

    Since then my PS3 exploded and with my new Super Slim/Move, I'm trying another play through with the Move, but I really can't get used to some of the gestures. It takes a split second for my brain to realise what it wants me to do, by which time... events transpire.
    Ah yeah I've just got the pad. At first I regretted not having a Move controller but you lot have put me off that idea :-D
    There is nothing wrong with the Move implementation and it's no more awkward than the DualShock inputs.

    I recommend playing again at a later date wth Move.
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