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    JediMasterMalik wrote:
    Shinblade wrote:
    JYM60 wrote:
    Shinblade wrote:
    JYM60 wrote:
    Is this an excuse to advertise the group?


    no.... i'm genuinely looking at the game.... and now spiderman is delayed wondered if this has some online merit

    i do tend to post a link to the group in my threads though. Whether posting in other groups, comments, or on the main forums.... there's no reason why not.

    if eurogamer gave us a decent text-based sig block, i wouldn't have to.


    7 more people till top group.

    I don't think this game will be up to much tbh. I wouldn't mind being wrong though.

    no me either... but thought the online mode might be fun.

    You'd have to know someone else who had the game though.


    houston, we have a problem.
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