#2240651, By Vantre options for connecting more sata drives to a pc than you have sockets?

  • Vantre 7 May 2007 18:24:20 23 posts
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    Hi folks,

    after a bit of help from the techies pls.....

    I'd like to be able to connect an extra sata disc to a pc. Problem is the motherboard only has 2 sata sockets, both of which are being used.

    It looks like you can't daisy chain one sata connection on the a drive to another & then to the socket (but this would be handy if i'm wong...)

    So i've been looking for some sort of pci card that would have extra sata sockets, but can only find raid type things which I dont want.

    Any ideas if this is possible or do i just have to stick to 2 drives max?


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