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    This lot are worse IMHO. For 3 main reasons :

    1. The erosion of civil liberties, huge number of new laws and beginnings of a state endorsed big brother-type surveillance society
    2. The horrific amounts of 'spin', with government ministers either unwilling or unable to answer straightforward direct questions. The "good day to bury bad news" incident kind of summarises this well for me
    3. The sheer absolute arrogance of this government to ignore the views of huge numbers of people who elected them and who they actually work for - war in Iraq, road pricing, ID cards etc. They seem to live by a "doing nothing is an option" mantra, when often doing nothing may possibly be by far the best option

    At least Thatcher eventually backed down on the Poll Tax. New Labour treat the entire electorate as thick as well - saying they wouldn't increase income tax then adding 1p to National Insurance, which essentially has the same effect for most people.

    I'd like my politicians to be open and honest, and not afraid of giving bad news. So the Tories aren't it for me either right now.
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