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    Anthony_UK wrote:
    Surely one of the main attactions of Splintercell is the cool gadgets and the trademark night vision goggles, and using them in new and different ways to take down the bad guys.

    Removing all that, like what they seem to be doing with Conviction is just taking away what makes splintercell, splintercell!

    I'm hoping someone else thought the same, and they have indeed gone back to the drawing board.

    QFT !

    This social stealth concept has potential if the emphasis will be on elusive use of distractions & crowd blending.

    I'd hate to see it turn into a half-assed sandbox Bourne copycat, starring Sam Fisher. ( YOU Bourne fans already HAVE your Bourne game ! )

    Anyway, if they'd stick to their original vision, the game's going to consist of some levels where he works as Splinter Cell agent for 3rd Echelon, then follows the transition into the fugitive levels ; combining L&S plus Social Stealth in one game.

    Imo, while SC DA 360 was an OK game, the Xbox version beat it hands down. SC DA Xbox 1 = very underrated game. Let's hope Conviction can continue the Ubi Montreal pride, somewhere before the end of 2009.
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