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    byron_hinson wrote:
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    frod wrote:
    there will probably be issues over distribution rights of the audio tracks themselves, which is a different territorial game than the videogame market.

    Has anyone got hold of a copy of the final retail version of Singstar? Can anyone 100% confirm does not work on non-european PS3's?

    I thought it would be locked to PSN account to cover distribution rights. In the same way iTunes works.

    I was thinking of the drakes fortune demo backlash with accidental region lock.

    If the blacklash is fifth of the Drakes Fortune another piece of bad PR is the last thing Sony need.

    Also has anyone got a link a review or article that confirms it is region locked? Nobody has confirmed it as yet?

    Don't think it would result in bad pr as it wouldn't be sonys fault it would be due to the record companies and the varying artists and labels that are diffrent per country. It is one of the few titles which makes me understand why it might be region protected

    I understand the Drakes thing was a mistake.

    The chance of a region lock is high. But so far this region lock thing on Singstar so far seems to be one person just saying it. I have not read or find via goggle any article/review that says it is region locked.
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