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    Played the PC demo of this. Not good. Not good at all.

    It's Gothic for the "accessible" brigade :

    Crafting benches that are just for decoration. You can craft items anywhere now. Beds that are just for decoration, too. You can't sleep on them, just lie down for no reason.

    You can steal anything in people's houses, they don't react. You can't attack NPCs - your weapon just goes through them. There are no sneaking abilities anymore, no pickpocketing, no theiving, no traps on chests, no lockpicking.

    There are no trainers any more. So no learning points. You just click on the + symbols on the skill tree and you gain that skill.

    There are no skinning skills, you can't skin animals now.

    There are no stats, such as Strength or Dexterity, with which to restrict item use. Now you just get Health, Mana and Stamina regeneration stats.

    Conversations, at least in the bit of the demo I played, don't have branching trees, just one option that you click on. You occassionally get two options, but they're not connected. Eg : "Yes I will find 5 mushrooms for you" and "Do you know what that ship is doing there?"

    The camera is of the "just over the shoulder" type. You can't use the scrollwheel to zoom out and see more of the world like Risen, or the other Gothic games. If you draw a weapon it zooms out a bit, so I just walked around town with my weapon hanging out all the time (oo-er!!)

    The gameworld is of the "Fable 1" variety, where everything is boxed in, with set paths you can follow. You can't, for example, explore up that river or down that cliff's edge, an invisible barrier stops you. For this reason there is very little in the way of goodies to be found. In Gothic 3 or Risen you'd see herbs, plants, coins in between dead skeletons, axes sticking out of logs - not so in G4, here you might get a chest or a healing herb, and that's it.

    Combat is similar to Gothic, but as others have said, there are combos now and rolls and flurries and it doesn't feel like Gothic any more.

    Don't ask about the voice acting. My budgie could do better.

    On the plus side... erm... they use British English spelling!

    Risen is more Gothic than this one, and I for one won't be buying it. Risen feels like Gothic, and this feels like Fable 1 or perhaps one of those nameless European RPGs that nobody likes, such as Two Worlds. The whole thing just seems stripped-down. All the RPG elements taken out one by one, until this pseudo-RPG remains. This is not Gothic 4 by any means.

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