#2287845, By TriodeBliss So how many of you finish all your games?

  • TriodeBliss 24 May 2007 14:09:53 724 posts
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    TwistidChimp wrote:
    Blerk wrote:
    I finish probably 95% of my games. The only ones I don't finish are the ones I can't finish, or the ones that I decide I don't like.

    95% o_O

    Blimey that makes me feel even worse. Something really has to grab me to see me through to the end. Infact the list of stuff i've completed in my life would probably be quite small, less than 20 titles i'd imagine.

    Same here. Apart from Slitherlink (which doesn't really count, since you can keep playing it), I've only completed two games in the last year: Ouendan & God of War 2.

    I think I need to stop buying games for a while. :(
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