#2302715, By korky Wii Corrupting GC memory cards?

  • korky 30 May 2007 11:23:48 40 posts
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    This is almost certainly just bad luck and coincidence BUT, has anyone else had their Wii corrupt a GC memory card?

    I've finally got around to playing the GC version of RE4 on my Wii (and loving it). Hit chapter 5-3 last night and so fairly close to the end. Turned off after saving and went to bed. This morning, my son decided to load up a long forgotten game of Pokemon Colloseum and was greeted with "Memory card corrupt, Format now?" from the same card. We've just lost LOADS of GC saves :( Tried everything, but just can't read the card at all.

    No, we didn't have any backups and yes it was a 3rd party memory card - never had any problems before though and it's been hammered fairly.

    Like I said, probably just bad luck and coincidence...
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