#2303891, By Venger Wii What games would you like to see?

  • Venger 30 May 2007 14:51:59 159 posts
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    I picked up mario Strikers yesterday and it certainly made me think a proper football game could work.

    Not neccessarily something that tries to be as realistic as possible, but certainly something slightly more like real football. Something like Fifa Street would work (although I wasnt overly impressed with that game)

    There used to be an arcade game going back 10 years or so, it was "proper" football but still had a few power shots in it that were unstoppable, aswell as shoulder barge options etc - can anyone remember what that was called?

    I think something like that could work very well on the wii

    And to echo previous posts, Mario Kart, proper Wii Golf, and of course somethingh with lightsabre action.

    I would love to see a mario kart game with similar controls to excite truck but all the added power ups and tricks etc
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