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    We're close to moving in to our first owned house after renting for so long. it's taken a long time to get sorted we got it stupidly cheap and it's taken a lot of work, at one stage it was pretty much an empty shell.

    We've had wood chip in the kitchen, which was under neath tiles, we've had tiles int he bathroom ont op of old wall paper, we've had 3 or 4 layers of wall paper everywhere else.

    Telephone cables extended through 3 rooms drilled through the walls. A Tv aerial that comes into one room then goes into a booster then back out over the roof down to the living room.

    We had wood panelling in two other rooms that was over tiles.

    The guy smoked heavily so everything had to be ripped out and replaced, cleaned and painted, oh and he had rats under the kitchen units which ate away at everything and it's taken a long time to clean and gut the place, we'll be moving in soon, not quite finished yet.
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