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    It has been a lot of fun doing, some stress and some severe project management, having friends of the family who were plasterers (he also does plumbing and all sorts of other building stuff) an electrician, a carpet fitter etc has meant we've done it reasonably cheap. it's still hit the bank hard and has gone over initial expectations. but going from a house where we had too few plug sockets to one where i got to decide where we had them all it's been great. I think everyone involved underestimated it's overall scale.

    I do also know the house inside out now.

    I've had a roughed out calendar in my pocket for the past month of who was going in to the house and when etc. It's been close to breaking me at times because there was so much work. but the end is in sight and it's looking good.

    I wont ever do it this way again I don't think although I think we've managed to add a shit load of value to the property being as we managed to buy it for 17k less than it was valued at, and it was valued at that when it was an utter shit tip.

    I wont be watching grand designs or homes under the hammer any time soon, hats off to any one that takes on a bigger project.
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