#2309010, By Canyarion Help me find a Wii (birthday present)

  • Canyarion 31 May 2007 21:44:29 34 posts
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    chacha wrote:
    dont do it, i would rather go through the pain of the 360 dying on me after extensive use due to the great games available than get a reliable dust magnet...... the novelty of the wii lasts for about ten minutes and 20 minutes if you have mates over, but after the initial 10-20 novelty factor has worn off, all that remains is regret.
    I figured out why the Wii and it's games are still selling strong! After those 10 (and 20) minutes wear of, people hope to get some móre joy if they buy a néw Wii. So we have people buying a new Wii every day, that's why it's such a big hit.

    So don't let Nintendo lure you into their fun-trap!!!
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