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    As long as there are only 3 different formats you should be able to do it with conditional formatting.

    Create a column which shows the change in position like reality_cheque's instructions. Then set the conditionals to be formula is and the enter these formulas:

    =$d4>0 for gained position
    =$d4=0 for no change
    =$d4>0 for dropped position

    where column d is the column with the calculated change in position and the cell you are adding the formatting to is row 4, adjust as necessary.

    Set the formats for each condition as you want them.

    Once you have done one cell select the cell with the conditional format then click the format painter (it looks like paint brush next to the paste icon in the toolbar) and select the other cells in the table to copy the formatting across.

    If you want more then 4 conditionals you will have to use a macro.
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