#2342793, By korky Transfering XBLA and DLC from one machine to another?

  • korky 12 Jun 2007 10:34:47 40 posts
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    turbohat wrote:
    Has anyone had joy in getting this sorted out by MS, especially with an exchange that wasn't done through them (I got my box changed within 5 mins for a new one in the shop rather than waiting a few weeks for a manky refurb)

    I've been through all of this and the whole sorry story is detailed here.

    On the positive side, 2 days later a very friendly and helpful US Xbox guy called back and refunded all the points to a new silver account on the new machine. In fact, he refunded all the points we'd ever bought and not just the ones we'd spent so you could argue we ended up "quids in" (or at least a few hundred points in :-))

    Even more positive, I bought a replacement DVD drive for 38, dismantled the broken 360, swapped the DVD PCB and voila! Working 360 with brand new DVD innards but the same DVD key - so no messy mode B key extraction / insertion and banning.
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