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    JamboWayOh wrote:
    thelzdking wrote:
    I need a proper fucking job.
    You alright mate?
    Yeah, just been stuck in fairly crappy short-term admin roles for most of the last few years due to moving overseas and then visa limitations. I'm doing admin monkey work right now and it's pissing me off as I'm getting older and I need something that is either interesting, well-paid, or upskilling me so that it leads somewhere. Heritage jobs are limited, even more so over here, and I'm worried that I might get left behind and be stuck looking at spreadsheets and Access databases for the rest of my life.

    I get annoyed with recruitment agencies seeing my CV with eight years of experience in heritage and historical research/project work, going "WTF do we do with this guy?" and offering me data entry or admin roles. I can understand why, because it's not a very common thing (especially in NZ), and they aren't there to give people chances, but it's still frustrating as it's not like I'm a simpleton and I do have a massive amount of transferable skills. I could do anything that requires qualitative research and report writing etc.

    I'm going to have to go back to uni and either do an MA, and maybe a PhD, or retrain completely, but I'm worried that I've left it a bit late.

    TBF my boss here has worked out pretty quickly that I'm fairly switched on for an admin temp and has given me a fair bit of extra stuff to do with formulas and has kind of left me to look after the project that I'm on, which is good of him.
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